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How to Market Your Technology and Produce Thousands

Transmission Media came into being when radio and tv joined the technology point up. Radio and television are known as two of the very well-known inventions of the 20th century. Radio transformed the lives of people every-where, allowing them to hear information from across the planet and then tv allow them see it. Broadcasting media remains undoubtedly typically the most popular type of media promotion today.

The hardest the main technology method is advertising your product. If we could all declare a patent and watch the phone ring off the catch and make thousands, everyone else would be jumping into the technology game. However the sad reality of the innovation method is your phone won’t band down the hook just because you’ve a patent.


So, as your patent gathers dust, you understand that you better do something to let persons find out about it. This is named marketing. If that you do not market your product, your entire different energy will be a waste. The longer you delay to advertise your innovation, the more time ends on your own precious patent. And if your patent solves a standard problem, you can guess another person has that issue and is thinking about a solution also. If they develop one, it may be completely different than yours, so they too may get a patent. That is called competition.

If your competition knows or has knowledge marketing and they obtain solution successfully placed inventor help, television, catalogs and on the internet when you do, that is named being first and fastest to market. They will get what is named market share.


The Option: Get the fastest, most inexpensive way presenting your item to the masses.

An instant consider your advertising alternatives would produce these opportunities: show at a tradeshow, deliver flyers to keep buyers, advertise in a publication, build a website, do an infomercial, license your product to a huge company, can get on a home searching channel.


Digital Press could be the press variety your young ones are likely most familiar with. This includes things like computers, cell phones, and obviously the INTERNET as well as some “older” engineering such as for example cd participants and record recorders. Unsurprisingly the web is by far the most used method of electronic media. Social media pages along with search engines flourish away from money made from selling promotion spaces. These websites also provide benefits like to be able to specify who you want your advertisement to be aimed at such as a certain age group or people who have a typical interest.

When determining which store will be many beneficial for you organization consider your audience. Are they an older technology who may be many easily targeted by magazine ads? Or are they tech informed teens who would be on the telephones 24/7? Make sure to pick not just the right outlet but right “station “.By that I mean if you are going to market your new top shin solution in publications, do not get it done in Home and Yard as an alternative, try magazines like Multicultural or Seventeen, somewhere wherever your market may easily be reached.

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